A little about us

NeoFoods is an innovative company that imports, transforms and distributes healthy foodstuffs and ingredients. It is one of the clear leader in this segment on the local market. Proudly Mauritian, the company aims at making balanced and sensible food options more accessible and affordable to the population.

As its name suggests, the company, that launched its operation in 2010, has from the very beginning taken a clear stand on innovation. Indeed, all of our products are different and modern, be it in the ingredients, the flavours, the packaging or the functionality.

The company quickly became significant in organic and healthy aisles in stores by  building an important and portfolio of foreign brands, from organic vegan milk alternatives, to rice cakes, Aloe vera drinks and natural trail mixes.  


The name Neofoods became better known to the general public in 2016 when the company started retailing its ingredients in trendy white pouches under its own brand name.

These widespread stand-up pouches have taken the health food segment by storm by making ingredients that were often rare or too expensive now readily available in dozens of stores around the island.


Thanks to our dedication for sourcing these goods from the best suppliers at an affordable price, Chia Seeds, Quinoa Seeds, Gluten Free Flours and Goji Berries are now staples of the healthy Mauritian’s cupboard!

Very active on social medias, we try to communicate directly with our consumers. Do not hesitate to follow us and join our community on Facebook and Instagram!

Our vision and mission


Offer innovative, practical and affordable solutions to Mauritians, making it easier for them to make better and sensibler food choices.


Become the clear health food reference in Mauritius and establish the Neofoods brand as a trusted label in all of the country’s homes

Our Values


Beyond their great packaging or taste, all of our products will help you live a more balanced lifestyle


We will keep our ingredients list as simple as possible and will market and use mainly unrefined, raw products. Because we want you to feel wholesome!


Meals need to be a pleasant and sharing experience! Health and taste come hand in hand with Neofoods


A long lasting relationship with our customers will only be achieved through transparency and reliability. We will never make false promises


We will fight each day to make a balanced diet more affordable. Organic or healthy should not necessarily mean elitist!