100% Whole grain


Mestemacher, famed German bakers, have crafted all natural, whole grain breads from all the way back in 1871.


Those traditional German Rye bread are:

  • 100% whole grain ,
  • Super high quality and 100% natural
  • Long-life breads with no preservatives and no refrigeration!
  • High in fiber, low in fat and cholesterol free.
  • Many of the Mestemacher breads have received the Whole Grain Council’s stamp of “100 % Whole Grain”.


Mestemacher breads offers 2 Organic bread: Three Grain and Rye & Spelt and has a Protein Bread baked with added whey protein and a Vegan bread that is made from wholemeal oat bread and seeds.

Curious about how Mestemacher maintains its long shelf-life?  Well, it’s all in the baking process; you can be rest assured that Mestemacher breads have the most pure and wholesome ingredients.  The Mestemacher breads are pasteurized; this baking process at a very high temperature enables the breads to stay fresh for one year after the date of production without the use of preservatives.