Premium Rice Cakes

Kupiec is a Polish brand of high quality Coated rice cakes that are particularly addictive! They use the best possible Belgian Chocolate on top of very crunchy and light brown rice cakes. 
This gluten-free and oil-free snack is a very interesting substitute to cookies and biscuits, that are too often rich in palm-oil and wheat flour. 

We guarantee you that this is nothing like you have tasted before… Don’t even try to resist it!

New, flavored rice cakes with Belgian chocolate are a great snack for any occassion. These crunchy cakes are a rich source of magnesium, iron, vitamin A and E as well as natural fiber which will guarantee the feeling of satiety. The cakes are baked from whole grains of brown rice, providing the body with the same elements as natural rice. Delicious chocolate is rich with vitamins from B group, folic acid, iron, calcium, magnesiun, phosphorus and potassium. The new product is a natural sweet snack enriched with aromatic ingredients, such as freeze-dried raspberries, mint or orange flavor flakes. These excellent, crunchy, healthy, chocolate covered rice cakes topped with delicious additions are a feast for the palate and a healthy alternative to sweets.

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