Mueslis, Breakfast Cereals, Bars and Gluten Free Crackers

Vitalia, founded is 1993 in Macedonia, is one of the biggest health food player in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Through constant innovation and fast adjustment to the market’s need, it has experienced incredible growth in the last decade and has an impressive and very diverse portfolio of cereals on offer.

Neofoods has chosen to partner with this brand because of its excellent choice of healthy ingredients, delicious mixes and sense for great packaging. With Vitalia you will find excellent quality at an affordable price.

We have selected mueslis, cereal bars and breakfast cereals that are full of great and active ingredients. You will find wholewheat flakes and bars, functional premium cereal bars, mueslis that are full of antioxidants and even products destined for diabetics!

The vegan Raw Energy bars is now well knowned by sportsmen as they are rich in antioxidants and are a natural brain booster. 

Our latest addition to the Vitalia Portfolio are the gluten free crackers: Seeds or Parmesan. They are made of high quality ingredients and superfood (quinoa, flaxseeds, integral sesame). These gluten free crackers are revolutionary product that now waits for you. A combination of chili peppers and onion that gives special taste to this healthy snack. Eating gluten free food was never tasty and easy like this.  

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