Gluten-Free Rice and Corn Cakes

Bakali is a South African range of rice and corn cakes.

The range now includes the Lentil and Sweet Potato Cake.

Great tasting and healthy, these 100% gluten free and natural products are a perfect alternative to bread and other savoury snacks.

Rice, corn and lentil cakes are air-popped and not fried, making the entire range low in fat, sodium, cholesterol & sugar while being a source of dietary fiber.

The large cakes are ideal low-fat, low-calorie and gluten free bread replacements that can be enjoyed on their own or with any delicious sweet or savoury toppings.

The mini popped lentil chips make a great and affordable lunchbox accessory or can also be enjoyed as a healthy ‘gadjak. any time during the day!

You can gather more info on these products by visiting the manufacturer’s page

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