Vitalia Smoothie To Go

Smoothie to go is a new revolutionary, original, nutritionally superior and extremely practical product, and at the same time super economical.

This product is with no- added sugar, gluten-free and is vegan. All the ingredients are finely ground so that they can easily be mixed with water, milk or yogurt, stir and are ready for consumption. Nutritionally rich and balanced according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

Smoothie to go Cocoa is a delicious meal rich in protein, fibers, vitamins and minerals with the well-known taste of cocoa. Additionally cocoa contains polyphenols which increase secretion of endorphins and improve metabolic functions.
The pea protein is special ingredient which has several health and nutritional benefits:

  • Lysine source – Amino acid that is essential for the structure of connective tissue (skin, bones, ligaments). Additionally helps in absorbing calcium.
  • It contains magnesium – helps in regeneration of tissues, regulation of blood pressure, improves brain function
  • Rich in iron – helps in the production of blood cells, reduces the risk of anemia
  • Naturally without gluten, hypoallergenic
  • Has a low glycemic index – suitable for diabetics

Smoothie To go Immuno Boost has nutritionally rich combination of ingredients, perfect for boosting the immune system.
Especially beneficial in the winter periods, for prevention of common cold and flu. Use it as a way to start the day, or for a chill evening at home for intake of additional nutrients.


Smoothie to Go Antioxidant Berry contains fruits, seeds and superfoods with superior antioxidant properties. These bioactives fight against oxidative stress and premature ageing. They maintain the skin smooth, elastic and nurtured. Use it on daily basis for regeneration of the skin and extra energy.


Smoothie to go Slim & Diet is a special mix of ingredients and flavors that keep optimal health with special weight loss properties.
The antioxidant power of the pomegranate and the forest fruits helps against oxidative stress. The combination of quinoa, oats and amaranth provides the body with a B vitamins, minerals such as zinc, magnesium, iron as well as dietary fiber which improves digestion and protects immunity.
Use it as part of your weight loss regime, before exercise, or as a perfect meal to start the day.


Smoothie to go Detox is a perfectly combined to help eliminating toxins from your body. Additionally it increases energy, and contains special set of vitamins and minerals which improve metabolic functions.
Use it in your detox days, as an afternoon meal or before workout boost.

Dosage: 2 table spoons (30g), diluted in 150ml cold water or milk. Stir well and consume