Nuts and Seeds Gluten free flours

Almond flour, Sunflower flour

Almond Flour

Almond flour is a popular alternative to traditional wheat flour. It is low in carbs, packed with nutrients and has a slightly sweeter taste. Almond flour may also provide more health benefits than traditional wheat flour, such as reducing “bad” LDL cholesterol and insulin resistance and rich in vitamin E. In fact, several studies have linked higher vitamin E intakes to lower rates of heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Almond flour is lower in carbs and more nutrient-dense than wheat and coconut flours. It also has less phytic acid, which means you receive more nutrients when you eat foods containing it.

Sunflower Flour

The flour made from sunflower seeds can be used in gluten free baking. It is a useful substitute for nut flours like almond if you have nut sensitivities or allergies. This is a very useful and versatile all round flour, gluten free and high in fiber. It can be used in many types of baked goods from breads to crackers.

Sunflower seeds flour are loaded with many important nutrients and have been associated with a number of health benefits. In particular, studies show that the nutrients and compounds found in sunflower seeds could reduce the risk of heart disease, fight against cancer, improve thyroid function and keep blood sugar steady.

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